Lap Band Vs Gastric Bypass Success Rates

Weight loss surgeries are still something of a controversial subject in the medical community and the reports regarding their effectiveness can vary considerably from source to source.

There are some differences in the lap band vs gastric bypass success rates when evaluated against each other. At the one year mark, gastric bypass surgery generally produces a reduction in excess weight that ranges between 50%-60%. After two years the total average loss is around 2/3 of excess weight.  After three years, the total loss is normally around 70%. The lap band procedure, on the other hand, produces a one year total loss of excess weight that peaks around 50%. The gastric bypass cost is also something to consider when comparing to other surgeries. Nonetheless, assuming that the patient is compliant with the dietary restrictions and engages in the recommended levels of exercise, the evidence is that both a lap band procedure and gastric bypass surgery will result in weight loss.

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